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Mpls-based Dark Electronica

Junksista remix, DEATHDANCE & "Gift" all available now.

1st single from collaborative release DEATHDANCE combining KPT's dark electronica & ACTN's signature deathpop. Click above to purchase.

"A mixture of EDM & industrial power. Trappy snares ride over squelching synths before a booming bass chorus that builds to a brilliant shriek. It’s the restrained vocals that, in some ways, make this seem like the spiritual offspring of NIN." -Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ FM on "Salt"

"Featuring four richly cinematic electronica tracks with grinding basslines & futuristic vocals, the EP further proves that the Minneapolis-based producers are among the most innovative acts in EDM." -NoisePorn on DEATHDANCE

Click above to download absolutely FREE.

"The track opens like a movie, with a continued sense of urgency throughout. Sporadic breathing & precisely placed sounds (cymbals, rolling snares, etc.) add to the anticipation that builds so persistently. Dark, yet full of energy, I can imagine this playing in the background of a high octane scene in Breaking Bad or Dexter." -MADE on "Gift"

A thickly textured & grittily timbred cut of industrial murk. Muffled beats accompany the sound of a distressed woman muttering to god knows who. It’s highly atmospheric & rife with tension from end to end. -Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ FM on "Gift"