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In a relative short amount of time, KPT (pronounced “KEPT”) has established himself as a definitive player in the future of electronic music. Lauded in review as “brilliant”, “among the most innovative”, an "exciting new kid on the block with his own brand of dark, hypnotic electronica” as well as having “a distinct element of unpredictability", KPT employs an uncommon approach to both writing & performing.

Focusing on the critical (often recently overlooked) live performance aspect of dance music, KPT composes unique arrangements for most events, constructing his official releases using elements from those performances.

KPT has performed with the likes of Die Antwoord, Justice, The Orb, Blanck Mass (Fuck Buttons), Kirin J Callinan, My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, Hate Dept., Savage Aural Hotbed & many more.



Photography: Richmond Fiksdal 2015

Photography: Richmond Fiksdal 2015

Photography: Heather Domeier 2015

Photography: Heather Domeier 2015


KPT-Sequel cover

KPT-Sequel cover






"It’s time to go to your dark place & come out on the other side as a fully functioning person of society. Crawling into the fetal position & coming out reborn is possible. This new track from KPT will help you start your journey." -Rift Magazine on "Sequel"
"Songs such as "Fake", "Something Went Wrong", "Gift", "Innermost" & "Abandon" in particular show a steady progression & greater balance between dark experimentalism & infectious minimalism. Production-wise the songs sound like they were recorded in one sitting, never-mind over the course of a few years. The skillful hand behind the desk has bridged the gaps between the songs & collated them into a more satisfying whole." -Intravenous Magazine on "BLK EYE"
“Dreamlike & beautifully bizarre.” -ReGen Magazine on "Revol feat. Gus Watkins" video


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