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“A dynamic & sprawling recording. Full of unexpected twists & turns. Sometimes totally ambient, sometimes totally jarring. A real audio adventure.” -TEXTBEAK (Cleopatra Records) on DEATHDANCE’s The Blessing

The production quality remains top-shelf. Even with darker experimentation & heavier ambience, the tracks keep a melodic appeal that, especially in the case of “Disarm”, translates nicely into a dance-friendly direction akin to Juno Reactor…this may be a brilliant curve-ball.
— Intravenous Magazine on Fluid Bonded / Disarm

"KPT is forging an original sound that eschews conventional glitch & cliche to foster an ethereal aural experience all his own." -Floorshime Zipper Boots on Fluid Bonded / Disarm

"Straight-up cinema. If you really want it to have it's full effect, turn the lights off first." -The Reviews Are In on "Sequel (film)"

"It’s time to go to your dark place & come out on the other side as a fully functioning person of society. Crawling into the fetal position & coming out reborn is possible. This new track from KPT will help you start your journey." -Rift Magazine on "Sequel"

An interesting dark soundscape a la Minneapolis - That leaves me wanting to hear the remixes.
— DJ ESP aka Woody McBride on "Sequel"

"Weird & disturbing. I mean that in the best possible way. It will demand your full attention!" -Diana of Junksista on Sequel

"Songs such as "Fake", "Something Went Wrong", "Gift", "Innermost" & "Abandon" in particular show a steady progression & greater balance between dark experimentalism & infectious minimalism. Production-wise the songs sound like they were recorded in one sitting, never-mind over the course of a few years. The skillful hand behind the desk has bridged the gaps between the songs & collated them into a more satisfying whole." -Intravenous Magazine on BLK EYE

“Dreamlike & beautifully bizarre.” -ReGen Magazine on "Revol feat. Augustus Watkins" video

Both singles “Innermost” & “Descent feat Jekka” voted into “Top 89 Local Songs of 2015” by The Current listeners.

“Undeniably a rising marvel, KPT becomes undone fusing an armada of breaks, fierce beats & rapturous melodies into complex tapestries of sound.” -ReGen Magazine on KPT ALIVE BY MACHINES.

"Tracks such as 'Ventilate', 'Revol' (feat. Gus Watkins), 'Collapsed' & 'Burn' give the album a fiercely intelligent & almost confrontational backbone with heavy distortion, dark atmospheres & creepy samples peppering the tracks. On the other hand, tracks like 'Open', 'Descent' (feat. Jekka), 'Disintegrate' & 'Reconstruction' frame a core edm sound with darker textures & overtones for great effect. KPT will certainly be one to keep an eye out for as an exciting rising name in both the dark electronica & edm genres with cerebral releases such as this." -Intravenous Magazine on KPT ALIVE BY MACHINES.

He is about to explode if this first single says anything. “Descent” is a pulsing dark wave of electronica with submissive vocals by the Russian vocalist Jekka floating above the bass. KPT is possibly the next big Minnesota name to let the rest of the country know what we got.
— The Current on "Descent F. Jekka"

"KPT is being tipped for big things & if the lead single from his full-length debut is anything to go by, they may be right. "Descent" features the sublime vocals of Russian alt-pop'er Jekka who lends her unique style to a song that blends industrial, ambient & idm with ease. Beginning with industrial distorted beats, the song begins to unfurl as subtle ambient textures intermingle with the synth & vocal melodies. The end result is a hard, yet melodic song rich with texture & depth that begs you to dance. Dark & atmospheric, yet completely accessible & polished. A smart single that shows industrial & darkwave can add depth of flavour to the accessibility of edm. The full length will definitely be one to keep an eye out for." -Intravenous Magazine on "Descent F. Jekka"

"New single Descent opens with industrial sounding drum crashes, along with almost static basslines & increasingly elaborate drum patterns. Over the top are breathy vocals provided by Russian songstress Jekka, which are soaked in echo & consequently have a shroud of mystery about them. If you like dark electronic house, you're going to fall for this." -Backseat Mafia on "Descent F. Jekka"

Music that transcends the borders of any predetermined genre is a definite rarity. This song elevates itself over any categorization to what I can only describe as an electronic, futuristic & atmospheric soundtrack. The sounds are intense, dark & heavily inducing of gloomy ambiance. Play this track at night for best results.
— EDM Sauce on "Innermost"

“Weirdly wonderful.” -Ella, Damn Classy, 4ZZZ FM on “Innermost”

"KPT just exemplifies why much that is progressive & boundary pushing is emanating from the EDM scene. That’s why the trailer for his new album ‘KPT ALIVE BY MACHINES.’ is akin to the promo for a dark sci-fi blockbuster where the shadowy burst of noises ably capture the tension & intrigue about to unfold." -Kevin Hugger, mp3hugger

"Dark synths & brooding beats laced in industrial undercurrent & pop sensibility." -Jon Jon Scott of Sound Verite on DEATHDANCE’s "Salt"

"There’s something beguiling about the way Gus Watkins’ breathy, ominous voice fights to be heard underneath a tide of electronic schisms, rhythms & whirs in this new collaboration between artists KPT & ACTN." -Andrea Swensson, The Current on DEATHDANCE’s "Salt"

"The ultimate remix, a vacuous synthetic pipe blowing industrial blackness over "All You Can Eat", is the smudge remix by American producer KPT. It is dirty, loud & reverberant. A nice experiment that takes the EP into desolate territory." -Das Klub on KPT's remix of Junksista.

A thickly textured & grittily timbred cut of industrial murk. Muffled beats accompany the sound of a distressed woman muttering to god knows who. It’s highly atmospheric & rife with tension from end to end.
— Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ FM on "Gift"

"The track opens like a movie, with a continued sense of urgency throughout. Sporadic breathing & precisely placed sounds (cymbals, rolling snares, etc.) add to the anticipation that builds so persistently. Dark, yet full of energy, I can imagine this playing in the background of a high octane scene in Breaking Bad or Dexter." -MADE on "Gift"


"A mixture of EDM & industrial power. Trappy snares ride over squelching synths before a booming bass chorus that builds to a brilliant shriek. It’s the restrained vocals that, in some ways, make this seem like the spiritual offspring of NIN." -Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ FM on DEATHDANCE’s "Salt"

Featuring four richly cinematic electronica tracks with grinding basslines & futuristic vocals, the EP further proves that the Minneapolis-based producers are among the most innovative acts in EDM.
— NoisePorn on DEATHDANCE

"Offers dark, hypnotic electronics that are a far cry from more-commercial EDM. An example of how styles like EDM can perfectly crossover to other scenes like dark wave. Recommended!" -Side-Line Music Magazine on "Something Went Wrong"


"A cracking composition of chunky beats & glitch intensified by his unique musical dramatics & vibrant touch. A chance for you to get your hands on a solid piece of work from one of the most exciting new artists we have encountered over the past 12 months." -Pumped Audio on "Something Went Wrong"

KPT is brilliant. Amazing production, instrumentation & song construction. Right on par with the climate of today’s music industry. Being polished & extreme creativity has earned him a spot on our 360 Watch List.
— 360 Magazine

"His music, at once sparse & complex, has a distinct element of unpredictability. It's professional, polished, fresh & just the right amount of weird." -Jonathan McJunkin, City Pages

"Exciting new kid on the block with his own brand of dark, hypnotic electronica that really bowled us over. This is not techno, it’s not minimal, why put a label on it...we think it’s as fresh & innovative as they come." -Paula Humphreys, Pumped Audio

"KPT’s new track, “Aim”, is actually quite beautiful. Trance-y & hypnotic, this is the sort of electronic music that you don’t have to be an attendee of Movement to enjoy. This could be the score to a Lynch movie. It’s dark, yet relaxing. Love it." -Brett Callwood, Metro Times Detroit

"Awesome euphoric tune. Full support from DJ ESP." -DJ ESP aka Woody McBride on "Aim"